The observatory, Celebration of the Bow River, Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 2010

Any travel requires a redefinition of the criteria, ongoing reassessment of situations that had become unstable. Moving is redefining while positioning itself means passing from one space to another. This way, mobility defines in a way the perimeter of a territory while shaping its image, its identity. Here the territory is considered as an interconnected network of roads and routes that cross it.

The intervention project presents itself as a temporary structure in situ, a basic construction in mid-completed. In appearance at least, the wooden buildings invite you to stroll and offer walkers different types of experiments on the place, like a trail or ambulatory.

A journey: the visitor pulls himself up gradually and reaches platforms and walkways on which are established an observation post which allow the walker to experience an immersion in the nature.

An experiment is proposed: the observer attends to the transformation of the space under the effect of its own subjectivity. Suitable for this pilgrimage, he visits the remains of the passage of his look; he attends the construction of a visual memory.

These establishment icons invite reflection on how the human being occupies habitat, shelters and marks his territory, halfway between nomadic and sedentary lifestyles, culture and nature, temporary and permanent.

These structures have the quality of being open and at human scale. This is a laboratory; a project testing, ideas and actions aiming at a public grip live in the environment of the Bow River.